C. J. Hall Veterinary Surgeons
East Sheen, London

Hypertext Publishing originally created a basic website for us in 1999 and has updated it every few years, the latest version providing functionality allowing us to update many pages ourselves with the minimum of effort. The advice we received regarding search engine optimisation has ensured that the site appears on the first page of a Google search result without having to pay for placement; this has not only saved us money but attracted more visitors to our site and, therefore, to our business. We have always been very happy with the fast and friendly service received from the company.


Chartz Hair and Beauty

Hypertext Publishing provided a modern, clear, user-friendly website for us, which included very quick, straightforward content management and customer emailing facilities. Within two weeks, our site appeared on the first page of all the major search engines, enabling new customers to find us easily; we can even view statistics showing how visitors do find us. The site easily met all our expectations and we would certainly recommend Hypertext Publishing to any other business.